Concordia University Irvine

client: Concordia University Irvine

location: Irvine, California

A private liberal arts college, Concordia University sits atop a 70 acre (28 hectare) plateau overlooking Orange County. The University’s plan complements its low-rise scale and offers informal gathering places across the campus for students to congregate and interact.

The Student Union building was integrated into the campus in 1999, and serves as the social gathering hub for the University. All on-campus dining facilities are located here, providing an opportunity for faculty and students to interact in an informal setting. The 23,000 square foot (2,137 square meters/three mu) building is surrounded by small-scale trees and drought-resistant plant materials to preserve its sweeping views.

The plaza of the Student Union features intricate brick and concrete paving patterns and connects the building with the surrounding academic facilities.