client: Fairfield Development

location: South San Francisco, California

Solaire embodies the planning ideals of transit-based housing offering urban residents a dense and amenity rich community near a public transportation hub.

This seven-acre community in South San Francisco offers professionals and families a downtown lifestyle without the hassles of an inner city location. The three and four-story apartment buildings include mixed income units and offer ground floor convenience retail along El Camino Real. More than 350 units are spread across the site, bisected by McLellan Drive. Each phase, while complementary, has its own landscape identity, and boasts expansive common areas including spas, barbeques and family playgrounds. The project is very pedestrian friendly with meandering walkways lined with trees and benches.

Located next to a BART station, Solaire residents can easily commute anywhere in the city, with easy access to the East Bay and San Francisco airport. Nearby Oyster Park and the marina offer outdoor hikes and solace at the end of a hectic workweek.