Punggol Waterway

client: Singapore Housing & Development Board

location: Singapore

Design Competition - The Punggol Urban Waterway links seven residential neighborhoods west to east: three residential neighborhoods beginning at the Sungei Punggol ending at the town center and four residential neighborhoods beginning at the sports complex/urban park and terminating at Sungei Serangoon. The main feature is the meandering urban waterway; that is continuous and without barriers. The ability to traverse the entire 4.7 km without impediments makes this a valuable attribute serving to link the entire waterfront by boat.

The waterway edges will be planted with water-loving plants including: tule, cattails, willow. This will provide a habitat for the fish and will help cleanse the water flowing through the site.

We are proposing that the Punggol and Serangoon outlets be in the form of controlled weirs holding to a constant 101.4 water surface elevation. Water would be pumped from the weir locations to a central elevated pond on a Crescent Island.