Qiong Hai Fishing Village

client: Glorious Land Company

location: Qiong Hai, Hainan, China

An ambitious city-building resort to rival Hong Kong, Qiong Hai is destined to emerge as one of China’s premier destination resort cities.

Qiong Hai is on the eastern side of Hainan Island, just east of Vietnam near a river entrance to the South China Sea. Qiong Hai features resorts, commercial and residential districts, destination retail, 75 acres (30 hectares) of mised use and cultural entertainment districts linked by a waterway canal system.

New environmental technologies are being incorporated into the city infrastructure. Qiong Hai experiences extreme low tide, extending its beach to an impractical distance. Plans call for dredging the shoreline and as the tide retreats, the beach break technology will capture water and create a protected lagoon.

To maintain the canal system and passive/gravitational water movement, ima is promoting a natural water system with passive filtration treatment. The canals will be used as a first stop for resort water before recycling into the river.

This new region also will employ green transportation technologies with electric cars, carts, and water taxis as well as bicycles.