Hamilo Coastal Community

client: SM Investments

location: Hamilo Coast Philippines

This Coastal Community is a near-pristine 14,085 acres (5,700 hectares) of beautiful coastal land, boasting over 15 miles (24 kilometers) of shoreline, including 13 natural coves, some with white sand beaches. The mountainous land has been shaped by ancient volcanic activity and is now covered by a maturing molave forest with very diverse flora and fauna. Thanks to the influence of World Wildlife Fund, there has been a recent improvement in the areas’ biodiversity with several of the coves proposed for protection to better assist in the recovery of the once prolific coral reefs. The global warming challenges of the 21st Century have caused a re-focused look at how we use our planet and its vital natural resources. A healthy lifestyle has taken on a new meaning. Sustainable Developments are now main-stream and will accelerate as health care costs and energy cost continue to rise. The Resort represents a new, 21st Century opportunity to be a leader in development by becoming a Premier Sustainable Destination Resort in the World. This strategy will become a showcase for the ultimate in living a healthy lifestyle. This Resort offers the combination of eco-tourism values with contemporary resort activities. It is envisioned as a place where living with nature and having direct access to World-class amenities are all a part of living a healthy lifestyle.