Disney’s Animal Kingdom Asia

client: The Walt Disney Company

location: Orlando, Florida

One of the most ambitious and acclaimed landscape architecture projects in the past decade, Disney’s newest theme park, Animal Kingdom, lets visitors explore the unpredictable world of animals on safari. Featuring a re-creation of the rich and diverse sub-environments of Asia, the 20acre (8 hectare) site includes exhibits of Asian animal species including tigers, monkeys, komodo dragons and hoofstock roaming amid jungles, shrub and grasslands of their native environment.

To recreate the jungles and grassland of Asia, ima staff joined with Disney’s WDI Landscape Architects to design viewing vistas, animal containment facilities, lighting, and architectural design. Visitors are brought through the area on oversized safari trams to observe the animals. The landscape design had to account for authenticity, as well as animal diet, camouflage and weather protection.