Nikko Bali Hotel

client: Caterison Sukres

location: Bali, Indonesia

Located on a site 50 meters above the Pacific Ocean, the Hotel Nikko Bali represents the first Nikko Royal Series Hotel. Thus, it is Nikko’s flagship resort. The hotel consists of 450 rooms and a full convention facility. This first class resort offers swimming, surfing, sail boards, diving, snorkeling, golf tennis, volleyball and many other activities within a lush tropical setting.

The design consulted with native artisans to help interpret the tradition of the Balinese in their layout, function and detail. Translations into a more contemporary setting provide an eclectic landscape that exercises the mind as well as the body. Water plays an important part of the landscape suggesting crashing mountain streams, cool mountain ponds, traditional rice paddy terraces and still water lotus ponds.