Desert Ridge Marketplace

client: Vestar

location: Phoenix, Arizona

Bringing spatial balance and an intimacy of scale to the 110 acre (45 hectare) Desert Ridge Marketplace, the landscape architecture design uses botanical links and whimsical hardscape to connect the center’s five open-air shopping districts.

ima mandated that the site feature 50% shaded areas, offering guests substantial sun protection. Plant materials that could withstand the varying desert climate were selected and their visual impact intensified by dramatically regrouping the plants and trees in a new and artistic manner. Majestic rows of 30’ Canary Palm trees, Desert Willows and drought tolerant material mark the site perimeter. Guests are welcomed under these swaying palms and met with the sweet scent of desert flowers and shrubs.

Inside the District, the central gathering place for this high energy shopping and entertainment complex, landscape becomes an integral component of the guest experience. The District is intricately patterned and detailed. Large interactive water features gently cool the main plaza. Foggers and misters also cool outdoor eating areas and encourage guests to enjoy lunch or dinner on the plaza.